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The Annual Fund

Goal: To Secure the Foundation and Support the Staff

In analyzing the financial picture of Whitefish Christian Academy, it is important to note that tuition revenue alone will not sustain the long-term viability of the school. To help you better understand the school’s finances, consider the following three facts:

  • Like most private schools, WCA charges a tuition that covers only 75% of the actual cost of educating a child. This leaves a 25% shortfall that must be raised by the school board. If a higher tuition were charged, the Christian education provided by WCA would become unaffordable to many families. This would result in a loss of students and adversely impact our ability to fulfill our mission.
  • Scholarships awarded by the school are actually dollars lost in operating revenue because most scholarships are currently unfunded. Scholarships awarded at WCA are really tuition discounts because no revenue source currently exists to replace the income lost when a scholarship is awarded.  A portion of scholarships are supported by ACE Scholarships which alleviate some of the pressure on the schools funding.
  •  Each year the school is prevented from compensating teachers with a competitive wage and the benefits they deserve. Currently teachers are paid 70% of what their colleagues are paid and receive no medical or retirement benefits. This is something that needs to change.

The challenge we face as a school is not unique. A vast majority of universities and private schools across the country depend on their school’s Annual Fund to keep tuition affordable and the operating budget balanced.

What is an Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is an unrestricted fund that is used to underwrite the needs of the school that are not met through tuition revenue. The Annual Fund is primarily used to support the operating budget, fund scholarships, and ensure our ability to keep and attract highly qualified teachers who are committed to classical Christian education. In short, a strong Annual Fund is critical to ensuring the continued success of the school. The success of the Annual Fund depends on establishing and maintaining a broad base of annual donors. These annual donors endorse the mission of the school and desire to participate in helping the school to excel in fulfilling its ministry each year.

Use of Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is used to prepare Whitefish Christian Academy for the future by helping to cover the $250,000 that needs to be raised each year to balance our budget. In addition, the fund is used to eliminate the school’s debt, currently at $150,000 due to the recent purchase of modular classrooms. Once the school has addressed its current financial needs, the Annual Fund will be used to underwrite scholarships, educational expenses not covered through tuition revenue, and to fund salary increases and benefits.


Whitefish Christian Academy Needs Your Help in Completing Its Mission

We need your help! Your annual gift will help ensure that the only classical Christian school in Whitefish will prosper. Without your help, we will not be able to provide the Christ-centered education we have been providing to the Whitefish community since 1980. Your partnership is essential to the continuing success of WCA. Please consider making a financial commitment to the WCA Annual Fund. You can make your tax-deductible gift by calling our business office at 406-862-5875 or by mailing your gift to 820 Ashar Avenue, Whitefish, MT, 59937. Thank you for your support.