Whitefish Christian Academy

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820 Ashar Ave.
Whitefish, Montana 59937

Our Vision

Whitefish Christian Academy, grounded in Christian excellence, is dedicated to assisting parents in the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of their children for the purpose of sending out Christian thinkers and doers of the Word to engage and transform our culture for Christ.

Using Biblical scripture as the center of all learning, we will train students to reason clearly, speak persuasively, work diligently, and stand firm for Jesus Christ in today’s world. We will equip them with both knowledge and the discernment of its application. Our classes will ensure an appreciation of our Western cultural heritage. We aim to instill a lifelong love of learning, a humble heart and a joyful submission to God. We look for their growing maturity in Christ and their growth in the wisdom and knowledge of God.
We will use classical education techniques and the Trivium to achieve our goals. We will have classes no larger than 20 students for grades 1-8, and no more than 18 students in kindergarten. We will provide a learning environment where Biblical gender differences are appreciated and encouraged. Students will wear activity appropriate uniforms. We will encourage positive extra-curricular involvement in activities emphasizing fine arts, physical fitness, spiritual and disciplinary development, leadership training, and community service. We will offer regular competitions to promote and reward excellence.

Teachers will have a solid understanding of classical education, how it works in the classroom, and how their work fits into the whole. Supported by strong discipline, they will provide rigorous, high quality and challenging classes to ensure students reach their full academic potential. With discernment, teachers will provide nurturing and inspiration tempered with motivation and discipline. Teachers will be diligent and responsible in their work, gifted in the craft of teaching, loving their students and the subjects they teach.
We will endeavor to pay employees competitive wages, and we intend to use bonus incentives for teachers to award excellence. We desire that they possess a lifelong hunger to learn and grow as teachers, and have the opportunity to be refreshed and renewed.

Based on our mission to assist parents in the development of their children, we place a high value on their participation in the classroom and throughout the academy. We desire that parents understand the merits of classical Christian education and passionately support our efforts both in the home and at the academy.

Regarding our community, we seek to be above reproach in our business dealings and to actively support local businesses. We seek to be good neighbors, deepen our relationships with local churches, and bring honor to our Lord in all endeavors. We will be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, and will strive to run our academy debt free.
We understand the financial difficulties of a private education. As such, scholarships and financial aid will be provided to those students and their families where performance or service is noteworthy.
As a private academy, we are blessed with the freedom and flexibility to improve our programs as necessary to pursue academic and spiritual excellence. We will know we are successful in our program when: (1) our students, equipped with strong academic skills, a Christian work ethic, and superior communication and problem solving abilities, excel in high school and become highly valued by institutions of higher learning and/or industry; and (2) they can forcefully defend a Christian worldview in the marketplace of ideas.