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Whitefish Christian Academy has a proven track record for academic success.  Our students consistently score well above their grade level on standardized tests (see chart below).  However, our curriculum includes much more than state or national learner standards require.  We set high academic expectations for our students, and they continually rise to the challenge.  For instance, our third graders memorize the 50 states, their capitals and 3 substantive facts about each state.  Our logic students memorize the Preamble to the Constitution.  Even our kindergartners are trained to memorize large bodies of information, laying the foundation for advanced study.  The daily work is often rigorous, but an environment of encouragement and diligence supports each student in his or her effort.

The classical Christian model presents all subjects as part of an interrelated whole with God's truth at the center.  This model does more than just fill their minds with bits of disconnected information.  The students learn to appreciate that all learning exists within a larger framework and that one subject is relevant and applicable to all other subjects both in school and in life.

The following chart represents a compilation of the most recent 3 years’ Stanford Achievement Test scores (tests administered April 2013, April 2012, April 2011).  All grade levels are significantly ahead of the national average, with 2nd through 8th grades testing, on average, 3.5 grade levels ahead!


How to read the chart:
Take for example fifth grade. On the national average, a fifth grader taking the test in April would score ~5.8; meaning, they tested at the fifth-grade, eighth-month level on this test. WCA's fifth grade, tested equivalent to 9th-graders in their 7th month (9.79) taking the same test!

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